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What will the benefits of Coole Wind Farm be in financial terms?

Local Jobs – Construction and long term operation jobs

  • Machine drivers, quarries, lorry drivers, ground workers
  • Engineers, steel fixers, surveyors, formwork and shuttering crews
  • Crane drivers, foremen, haulage companies, engineers
  • Electricians, electrical engineers, electrical contractors, traffic and transport engineers, wind analysts
  • Plant and machinery hire, materials, goods
  • Grounds maintenance, fencing materials & fencing contractors
  • Logistics, travel and lodgings

Community Benefit

  • Community Fund in excess of €1.25 million will be available to the local Coole area over the lifetime of the project

Rates to the County Council

  • Annual council rates in excess of €300,000 for Westmeath County Council.
  • Rates are paid to the County Council by the wind farm developer. These are typically used for the provision of public services such as road upkeep, fire services, environmental protection, street lighting, footpath maintenance etc. along with other community and cultural support initiatives.
  • These rates would be paid annually to the Local Authority over the lifespan of the project.

Rental payments to landowners

  • Rental payments will be made to the landowners involved in the project

Savings for Ireland

  • Help towards reducing the amount of oil and gas being imported
  • Ireland will incur fines estimated of €140 - €150,000,000 per annum for every 1% of shortfall below our 2020 targets. This could range from anywhere from 1% to 4% equating to €140,000,000 to €600,000,000 in fines annually.
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