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How has this proposal developed?

  • While this proposal is to produce electricity for the Irish Domestic Grid, it was originally considered for an export project
  • Our first public consultation event was held in 2013. As our proposals developed after this, we worked to engage with those in the local community and take on board the views and thoughts of those living locally
  • We commenced engagement during the design stage with the local community, local authority and other interested parties while changes to the design could still be made
  • Our early design consisted of a much larger project
  • Feedback from the consultation process informed the design team and these considerations along with our Environmental Impact Assessment and technical appraisals led to the proposed project reducing from 25 turbines to 13 turbines
  • As a result of local feedback, consideration was given to the design approach with regard to developing the wind farm layout in terms of setback from the nearest houses. The design team worked to maximise opportunities to increase the setback distance within the site constraints
  • Local views regarding the appropriate use of local roads were also taken on board
  • Environmental impact assessment and studies have been carried out over the past number of years. These studies, which are ongoing will form part of any planning application
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