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How was this location decided upon?

An area which has the potential for a suitable and appropriate wind energy project, which is in line with the policies of County Westmeath’s County Development Plan, was identified in the Coole area.

The following aspects were considered:

  • The area is based around boglands in line with the policies of the county development plan
  • The proposed project is located outside of environmentally designated areas
  • There is no previous wind farm development in the area
  • There are suitable wind speeds
  • There are no direct impacts on cultural heritage
  • There is suitable access to the Irish grid system
  • The location is accessible from a construction view point
  • The area allows for separation from settlements and individual houses
  • The site is suitable from a constructability point of view

Feedback from engagement with those in the local community, local authority and other
bodies helped to inform the design process as it developed. The area under consideration
ultimately reduced and the number of proposed turbines has also reduced from 25
turbines to the current 13 turbine layout.

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