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How could this benefit the local community?

We are firmly of the belief that it is the local people who best understand the needs and requirements of the local community. All too often the opportunity to realise the maximum local benefit from an opportunity are missed. During our discussions we asked that people consider what their aspirations for the local area are and how the local area might realise the maximum benefit should our proposals reach fruition.

It is envisaged that a community fund in excess of €1.25 million will be available to the local Coole area over the lifetime of the project.


  • The development of facilities for the elderly in the area and specifically the continuation of previous plans for nursing home facilities in the local area
  • Improvements to the local broadband services in the area
  • Financial assistance for local community buildings such as the local National School, Church and Hall
  • Supports for existing local groups such as the mother and toddler group and the Tidy Towns
  • Development of new services such as local adult computer classes, women’s fitness classes and a ‘Men’s Shed’
  • Assistance for the community in providing a local amenity and recreation area
  • The development of all-weather sports facilities in the area
  • An energy efficiency scheme for homes in the local area
  • A community educational scheme
  • A community enterprise scheme

Statkraft would like to work with the community to identify achievable goals and work towards securing these objectives.

If you would alike to get involved in exploring and developing these ideas, we would like to talk to you. 

Working together ideas can become reality!


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